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The Lost Prince will be airing for the first time on Canadaian tv!

When: Monday October 13th and Tuesday October 14th.
What Time: 8pm
Where: On CBC!

Dont miss Rollo! I am planning on tapping it!
Check out the whats new page for new information!

Sorry I havent been able to update the site much. I have been busy with dance/ballet shows. practicing all week!

IMPORTANT: I have received a couple letters asking for the newsletter. I any one wants it, heres the last call. It will come to you monthly, with updates on the page and activities I will be hosting on the site!

SEND IT A REPLY TODAY. I will stop taking them very soon!
Check out my pepsi commercial! It works now!
check out this new Lost Prince picture!

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check out the whats new page I have new information.

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